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St. James

Our St James child care center is located in St James Episcopal Church and offers full-time child-care year-round and part time spots for toddlers, preschoolers and before and after for school age children. All classrooms provide breakfast, lunch and two PM snacks.

1410 NE Stadium Way

Pullman, WA 99163

Phone: 509-332-7005

Fax: 509-332-8436

Dinos Classroom

In the Dinos classroom we serve toddlers ages 1-3. In the Dinos we strive to educate your toddler through every day experiences. We emphasize social and language skills through play, circle time, learning activities and meal time etiquette. Cognitive development and motor skills are developed through indoor and outdoor play, music, art and sensory activities. Math and science are also introduced as well as potty training as we prepare each child to move up to the preschool classroom.

Bears and Firebirds

In the Bears & Firebirds classroom we serve preschool children. In our Bears classroom we have children ages 3-4 and, in our Firebirds, we have children ages 4-5. Our daily schedule includes circle / large group, 45 minutes of free choice play and exploration, opportunities for small group interaction and instruction, and 45 minutes of outdoor / gross motor time in the morning and afternoon each day!  Daily lesson planning creates fun and interesting activities for children to engage in and learn from. We have a holistic approach to development, with an emphasis on building a strong social – emotional foundation in each child. The Bears & Firebirds classrooms are fully inclusive and run in partnership with the Pullman School District for children with special needs and IEP’s and provide Wrap Around care.

Eagles Classroom

In the Eagles classroom we serve school age children ages 5-12. We provide before (7:15am-8:15am) and the after-school (3:00pm – 5:30pm) program. The goal of our before and after school program is to provide a safe learning environment that is relaxing and productive. We encourage this time for children to unwind, play with peers, and provide academic time. Weekly lessons are planned to be age appropriate and have a focus on STEM, that creates a fun and stimulating environment for the kids to engage in, experiment with, and learn from.

During the summer we provide all day child care, where we take the children on educational field trips around the Palouse and invited classroom guests (including parents) to enrich our curriculum studies. We also take them swimming twice a week to the public pool!

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