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Head Start

Head Start is a federally funded program. It serves low-income children and their families through high quality preschool programs as well as comprehensive services for both children and their families, at no cost to the families.  

CCCC is the Head Start Grantee for Whitman County, offering programs in Pullman, Washington.  We provide half-day preschool sessions both morning and afternoon, (9- months, Monday - Thursday). 

Head Start services include:  

Preschool Education - Our focus is on building a broad foundation of school readiness skills in pre-kindergarten children, with a strong emphasis on the development of social and emotional stability.

All children receive the following services on site:

science center
  • Developmental screenings
  • Social – Emotional behavioral screenings
  • Hearing and Vision screenings
  • Height and Weight measurements, and nutritional assessments
  • On-going developmental assessments and an individualized curriculum
  • We ensure that each child has current physical exam, up-to-date immunizations, and a dental exam.
  • We ensure that each child receives proper follow-up or outside referrals based on the results mentioned above.

Other Comprehensive Child Related Services includes: Health, Nutrition, Mental Health and Family Services.

Family Services are based upon developing family partnerships

  • Development of Family goals.  Parents work with program staff to identify strengths, needs, and interests of the family to develop family and personal goals. Outside resources, supports, and assistance for parents in accessing available community resources are provided. Families receive individual support and follow up through the year.
  • Home visits and parent teacher conferences. Families meet with program staff 4 times through the year, becoming an integral partner their child’s educational progress and discussing their family’s personal progress.
  • Parent involvement and leadership.  A variety of activities, volunteer opportunities, and parenting programs are provided, including child and community advocacy, participation on Policy Council, Executive Board, and Parent Center Committees, and other leadership and training opportunities.
Offers Parent Trainings and Other Activities

Parent training 

Phone Number - 509-334-9290
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Executive Director: Mary McDonald